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In a near future, this should be my resume
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Areas of Knowledge

  • Oracle DBA
  • Linux SysAdmin
  • Networkinkg: routing, firewalling, etc.

Professional Experience

Octavian de Argentina S.A. - Novomatic Group Of Companies

[ 01/07/2010 - Present ]
[ SysAdmin · Tech Support Leader ]

As a part of my work, I travel to our customers to install and implement the system and train their employees in all of their aspects. I always try to explain everything in a very didactic way and giving practical examples involving employees. In the same way, I train all the support staff to be able to give them personal and professional growth within the technologies used by the company.

  • Linux services:
    • Local DNS server as master + cloud as slave
    • Local mail server (postfix + dovecot + rainloop web mail)
    • File server over debian (samba + FTP)
    • FreeNAS as NFS Storage for ESXi hosts
    • Nagios, Zabbix, Puppet, YouTrack, Wiki, Git
    • Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB
    • OpenVPN, Racoon, IPSec, PPTP
    • Linux firewall - route, iptables, vlans
    • FreePBX
  • Managed instances:
    • ~100 SLES 11 / 15 - Of which:
      • ~80 have Oracle 11g
      • ~80 have Web Servers
      • In all of them runs propietary software
  • Virtualization
    • KVM
    • Docker / Docker Swarm
    • VMware (ESXi, Fault Tolerance, High availability, vSAN)
  • Windows
    • AD Management
    • DNS Server

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